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Citizen Automatic Watches

Citizen Automatic Watches has been providing timepieces for almost 100 years that seem to fit and help the lives of people around the world.

Although the organization still needs to make a strap that is big enough to fit in the middle of a man, this has not stopped Citizen Automatic Watches from being "close to the hearts of people around the world."

Native unique name, the Shokosha Watch Research Institute, was built in 1918. From that point on, the organization has changed over time, creating not only fine men's and women's watches, but also divers watches, Eco-Drive watches and nuclear clocks.

This evolution of the watch has made Citizen the largest watchmaker in the world, a title that the organization has held for the past 24 years, according to its US office. Citizen Automatic Watches are characterized not only by the enormous size of the entire timepiece, but also by the imagination and development of the manufacturer.

As stated by the organization, Citizen Automatic Watches were responsible for the slimmest LCD watch in the world and the first voice recognition watch. Citizen watches also gave the world a look at the first electric-powered jump timer when the organization presented it.

Local watches have also been at the forefront of vitality and green innovation. The organization is perhaps best known for its eco-drive collection of Citizen men's watches and Citizen women's watches that never need a consumable battery to power the development of the watch.

"Energy through light", as the saying goes, makes the current rechargeable load cell in the clock less deniable and more to use. An almost invisible solar board, inserted into the clock below the dial, is the place where the clock captures the light and is controlled from there.

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